Stitch Speed-Dating

Today I went for a stitch workshop for a refresher on machine techniques that we learnt in first year. I’m glad I signed up for this one because, despite already knowing them, I had forgotten that half of them even existed. Some weren’t necessarily useful to me in this particular project, but they are definitely a technique which I will use in the future, for example the piping foot. I love the idea of using this to finish off the edges of cushions to give a professional look.


I think my favourite sample I made today was the one I did on the needle puncher. I usually really like this technique and knew it would be helpful for this project because of the felting that I’m planning. I started with some bits of felting in 3 different shades of green which was working well, then I tried some organza ribbon. I was pleasantly surprised and the result of this: when the needles hit the ribbon, it caused it to ruffle up, resulting in a really effective ‘seaweed’ effect.

This and the ruffler are the two techniques from today that I think are most likely to be used in this project, and I’m really excited to continue experimenting with these to create the impression of seaweeds.


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