More Drawing

For the last week, I have been finishing up with all of the research that I wanted to get done, and continuing with drawing. I’m also in the middle of making my mood boards.

In terms of research, I looked into the most common wildlife found on British beaches and in the rock pools, for example  beadlet anemones, barnacles and green shore crabs. These findings then assisted me in the drawing that I’ve done so far. I also looked further into British seabirds, because this is still imagery which I am very interested in imitating.

With my drawing, I have tried to stick to my usual illustrative style, with quite basic shapes, because this works with my limited drawing ability and will also be effective to transfer into stitched samples.

I am keen to get sampling with dyes, felting and stitch, but know that I want to finish some more drawing first. I don’t want to be too impatient with it, and would like a good body of imagery first that I can take into fabric.

I’m particularly happy with the drawings of beadlet anemones, brittle-stars and the mermaid’s purses, I feel that these had the most interesting shapes and will hopefully work well in stitch and fabric.
These are intended as initial development of imagery which I’d like to use in my samples, which will be then developed further in stitch.

I’ve ordered a book online called ‘Artful Bird’ by Abigail Patner Glassenberg, which shows how to make 3D fabric bird sculptures, so hopefully that will be really helpful. If it lives up to expectation, I may be able to take inspiration from the included patterns as a base for my own makes. I am imagining my pieces to follow quite a basic shape, but with a textures surface created with felting and stitch.

Image result for artful bird

I’ve also ordered a roll mat for felting so once that arrives, I’ll get back down to the print room to make some more felt. This will hopefully create good friction in order to bind the fibres together better, meaning that I won’t have to needle felt it afterwards.


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