This weekend I’ve been continuing with my basic drawings of rock pool wildlife.

In terms of the fish, I have been careful to keep it down to three breeds. I don’t really want to go too far down this route, because I want to stick with the rock pool theme, and fish are obviously rare in these climates. These particular three breeds are commonly found in British rock pools because they are more hardy to the difficult conditions. I am relatively happy with these as initial experiments, however I do feel that they are a little close to being a bit ‘cartoon-ish’, so this is something I need to be conscious of while drawing.

I’m pretty happy with these initial crab drawings, however I do think that they are needing further development. I’m also excited to take these into stitch.

I’m also beginning to look at shells and molluscs: I’m still not yet happy with the limpets, cockles and barnacles, which need a lot more work, but I can see that the periwinkles and mussels have potential to look really effective when taken into fabric and stitch. I think some mark making practice will help, particularly for the barnacles.


I have also begun to work on some drawings of seabirds. I started with herring gulls and ringed plovers and was focusing on positions they may be seen in on the shore, picking at rock pools for food. I think I want to focus on the birds on the shore rather than flying. I’m hay with these for a start and am looking forward to taking these into stitch, and also 3D, when my book arrives (hopefully very soon!).

All of the drawings I have done so far are mostly focusing on the shapes and colours, rather than textures, and next I intend to do some mark making, experimenting with different medias in order to create some texture in my drawings. These can then hopefully be replicated in stitch.



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