Tutorial with Keireine & More Felting

It was really useful today to speak to Keireine about the module. We went through my self set brief and adjusted some bits, mainly just condensing my words a little (I tend to babble) and make it cleaner. I’m feeling really good now that this is done.

We also made a slight change to my target audience, just going from 35-50, to 35-60, in order to include the retired professionals.

She suggested that I get into contact with places like the National Trust and Craft in the Bay, which are some of the publicity options for where my pieces would be sold, acting as if this was a live brief. This will be really useful for me to have these conversations, not only in evidence in this module, but also as preparation and experience for my future outside of university.

I’ve decided for now to work towards three wall hung pieces as my final collection, alongside the possibility for 3D sculptures.

Something which I need to remember while creating my work, is the nostalgia which I mentioned in my brief and the link to the coast, in terms of the client’s longing for the place which they may have purchased the art (unless bought online).

Some of the next steps which we agreed on were: to try mark making, perhaps using pastels, in order to try to represent some of the textures in my photographs; make some decisions on the individual themes of each piece; start working a little bigger, perhaps in collage and to scale.

Keireine also mentioned that Matt would be putting on a workshop on how to create a website on WordPress, which is definitely going to be something I’d like to attend. I intend to create an artist website as part of this project and this is actually included in my brief.

I spent this afternoon in the print room doing some more wet felting. I find this process really therapeutic and I love taking the time to achieve the result I want. Since my last go, I purchased a ‘sushi roll’, which aids in creating friction to bind the fibres. This definitely made a vast improvement on the outcome of my felt, and I am planning on having a go at stitching into it tomorrow. I made a combination of plain coloured and ones with a variety of tones: so far I prefer the ones with only one tone of wool, but this may change once they have been embroidered into!


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