Penarth Beach

This morning I paid a visit to Penarth beach for some more inspiration and primary research.

On the seafront I found a shop called ‘Shore’ which sells interiors, gifts and fashion inspired by the coast, or as put on their website, it acts as “a celebration of coastal living where you’ll discover an inspiring collection of beautiful products for the home”. This sort of shop is perfect for the sort of place for my own pieces to be sold, which is a great find for the future. I have had a look on their website but the only means of contact given was their Facebook page, so I think I will contact them on here in the near future, along with the National Trust, Friends of Lepe and any other places I find on the way. I really like the idea of holiday makers buying these pieces in shops similar to this, on the seafront, and taking them home to remind them of their time there. The artist name will be clear on the piece, meaning that the customer can make a repeat purchase online.

Having been in the shop and then visiting the website once home, I can see that their products range from inexpensive sweets and novelty signs, to higher market pieces of art. On display there were a variety of pieces of decorative class, ceramics and painted canvasses, all with a seaside theme. There were also a few products looking at fish and seabirds. However I haven’t found any textile or stitched pieces, apart from fashion scarves or rugs, meaning there is a definite gap here.
After finding this shop, I have realised that I need to do some more research into places like this, so this is now on my ‘to do’ list for the next week!

Shore Coastal


I saw a few birds, but am yet to get close enough for a photo before they fly away! I spotted the usual gulls but also saw a group of oyster catchers, which I think are the first ones I’ve seen just on  a beach, which was exciting!

Penarth beach is made up of mostly pebbles so there were no rock pools, but I managed to collect a few shells and pieces of sea-glass, which were brilliant for my colour scheme. These will be good to draw from and maybe even use in my pieces.


I was also looking at piles of seaweed, inspired by the ruffles that I created on Friday. These two photos above perfectly represent what I am aiming to replicate in ruffled fabric, perhaps at the feet of the birds, as if they are stood amongst it.

I’m feeling really inspired by every beach I visit and this is something that I plan to keep up throughout the progress of this project, rather than just at the initial research stage.


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