More Drawing, More Felting

Today I spent the morning going back to my drawings and having another go, this time using different media and focusing more on the texture, rather than overall shape, This is something that came up in my tutorial with Keireine last Thursday and is also becoming more obviously necessary while stitching. The overall shape and outline of the imagery is important, however due to the techniques that I want to use, the texture is equally important.
I drew these shells from real ones which I have collected on beaches.


I started with the mussels using oil pastels. I wanted to look at the combination of colours in one area, and also the direction of line, which is obviously important in embroidery.

In these whelks I again concentrated on the combination of colours. I think this will really help not only in the stitching, but also in the layering of fabric choices.

I also did a few studies of the shells in pencil and watercolour, just to concentrate on the detail which will be important in my embroidery.

Today I also met some second years as part of the ‘mentoring scheme’. I think this is going to be really useful for me to get to know some of them, especially as they’ll be helping us build the degree show! This is also something that I feel I would have benefited as a second year myself, so am happy to answer any questions that they have. I also feel that this will be positive for me in terms of confidence when speaking or presenting, as a skill for the future.

This afternoon I made some more felt, meaning I’ve got more to work with when choosing fabrics to stitch into. I made pieces in a light green, blue and mustard-brown.

Tomorrow I’m planning on going back into the stitch room and having more of a go on the ruffler, with my new fabrics, and to also do some more embroidery, looking at my new drawings from today.


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