Ruffling and Embroidery

I spend today in the stitch room again, and after having a few technical issues, I ended up with a couple of samples that I’m really happy with.

I created these oyster shells working from my newer drawings, again concentrating more on the texture and the gradient of colour.

I also used the same idea with these mussels, using a variety of fabrics for the applique. I think, again, my favourite is the felt, because of the thickness of the end result. I’m not sure whether or not to cut out these shells to then applique onto something else, as I did with the oyster shells.

I also got myself on the ruffler today, first trying the ribbon that I bought this week. Maggie said that it might not work because it was so thick, but the outcome was just that it didn’t ruffle very tightly and instead produced a ruched, crinkled effect, which I think looks more like seaweed than I was expecting. I’m very happy with these, but am unsure whether the colour is quite right or not.

Once I realised that the ruffler could work on more than just very thin, organza fabrics, I grabbed a piece of my new mustard poly cotton and tried that. With the ruffler working on every 6 stitches, it looks a bit too controlled and neat, which is not organic enough for what I was hoping to achieve. When working on every stitch however, the fabric was very bunched up and had a lovely outcome. I think this would work better if the thread was the same colour, but I am happy with this for a first go.

I then tried ruffling strips of the brown organza that I bought, and am very happy with the results. It does fray a lot, but I think this adds to the natural, plant look of it. I would also change the colour of the bobbin thread if I did this again because I feel that it ruins it a little bit.

All of the pieces look really effective together and am definitely considering this technique for my final pieces.


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