Tutorial with Irene, Helen and Keireine

Today I had a tutorial with all three tutors, in preparation for the interim crits next week. I didn’t really prepare an exact presentation but did have a think before about what I wanted to say. I think this really helped me because I wasn’t too nervous, and managed to say most things quite smoothly.

One thing that they did say was that I lingered for a little too long on my market competitors. I think this was because I was going through each of my mood boards, but I realise now that it was unnecessary and this time could have been used talking about something more relevant.

I also forgot to mention about where the pieces would be intended to be sold, but spoke about this afterwards. I need to remember to include this next week and the next with Dr. Melanie Miller.

Helen mentioned that my illustrations of the birds need work, and I definitely agree with this. Irene did ask whether or not I definitely wanted to include the birds in my collection, and after some thought I definitely do. I think it would be a shame to lose this part of my project, because it is a subject that I have really become to enjoy. So for now I’m going to continue refining my drawings of the birds.

Irene was sure to keep reminding me to work to my strengths, which was really useful to hear. I think it is quite easy here to go off on a tangent, forgetting what my skills are, so I am going to now try to remember to keep to them, for example my embroidery and stitch skills.

We also talked about the possibility of having cards/postcards printed with images of my work on them, in the hope that people who don’t want to buy a whole piece or can’t necessarily afford it, can purchase one of these instead.

The biggest comment and change which was made during the tutorial was that, rather than 3 large pieces, it was suggest that I made a series of smaller pieces instead. I absolutely love this idea and am so happy that it was brought up. I was really struggling with ideas for what the final pieces will actually look like and how they were going to be displayed so was honest and mentioned this in the tutorial. Admittedly, the idea of working ‘big’ was worrying me and I felt quite intimidated by the fact that I was unsure about it, so I’m really happy with this new idea. I do enjoy working small so in hindsight, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before!
This idea also means that my pieces will be more feasible for repeat purchases, due to the inevitable lower price, and also because they may look a little lost on their own.

I spent the afternoon rearranging my desk and getting together a ‘to do’ list for the next couple of weeks. My next step is to make some decisions about the theme and contents of each of the small pieces, while still continuing experimentation in stitch.

I also spent some time on a pencil drawing of some barnacles, concentrating on the texture, and am looking forward to taking this into stitch.


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