Another Day in Stitch!

I had a very slow start in the stitch room, but it was nothing a bit of chocolate couldn’t fix! I began with a little go at some seaweed applique.

I started with two strands but this just looked so unfinished and empty, so I continued to layer over it and was much happier with the result. I’m still thinking that this sample needs a little more to it, so I need to decide what exactly this is.

Today I mainly focused on recreating the barnacle drawing from yesterday.

I began free embroidering the shapes in black onto a plain white cotton. This was really useful for me to perfect the shapes and I love this motif in stitch.

I then tried the same sort of thing but on a piece of felt that I made. The colour of this isn’t great for my palette but was fine for this purpose. I love the effect of stitching into felt and I think these came out really effective. I am really liking the barnacle imagery and will definitely be using them in one or more of my final pieces.

I also had a go at applique of the barnacles, using small, circular pieces of calico. I think these work well if adding them onto colour…

I then had the idea of including the barnacles in the other imagery that I’ve been working with. I sewed out some more mussels, using mostly felt for the applique, but also one without applique and one with a ‘velvety’ blue fabric. I don’t think these two were as effective as the felt.

I love the barnacle applique on this mussel, and it came out so much better and more realistic than I was expecting. This is definitely a motif that I will be sticking with.

This weekend I am going to pay another research trip to a beach, hopefully one where I haven’t been before, to gain some more inspiration and photography.


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