Hand Embroidery Practice

I’ve had a little practice of my hand embroidery mark making over the last couple of evenings. After having another go at french knots, I was eager to do more hand sewing, which is unusual for me as I am usually far too impatient, and much prefer the effects of the machine. I am starting to think that a combination of the two could be really effective in my pieces, and result in a much more sophisticated look.

I’ve tried a few different shapes, including more french knots, some crosses, linear patterns and stars.

I really like the french knots in a big bunch together, which create an effective texture. I also am happy with the star shape, which ended up looking a lot like a limpet.

I think I am going to continue adding to this sample, just when I get a bit of time in the evenings, in order to practice and get back in the habit of hand embroidery.


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