Continuing with Drawing

I’ve decided to continue with drawing throughout this project, as opposed to finishing it before moving on to the experimentation. This is something that worked well for me during the consultancy module, and means that I can carry on developing these if I need to.

I was looking at my brittle star fish samples on my wall and realised that they don’t reflect the movement in the real thing, so I went back to drawing to try to capture this.

I think I have been successful in this, and am looking forward to now taking these into stitch.
I am also thinking that the ‘hairs’ would be really effective in hand embroidery, much more so than the french knots that I tried before. Looking at these next to my previous drawings, I can see that I’ve definitely made progress here.

Helen mentioned in my tutorial last week that my bird drawings needed working on and I absolutely agreed, so I was happy to go back to these. I started with the herring gulls, which seem to be my favourite to draw at the moment, I think just because their shape is easily recognisable.

I then moved onto ringed a ringed plover. I found these quite difficult because their shape and colour is quite generic for British birds, so is hard to get it to look specifically like a plover.

I also had a go at sketching out some oyster catchers, which I think have a really interesting and aesthetically pleasing shape and colour. I like the idea of their long pointed beaks pointing down to feed on mussels.

I feel better after a day of drawing and am really looking forward to taking these into stitch, which I think will probably be on Friday.


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