Interim Critique

I was actually surprisingly nervous for my presentation today, but once I got talking I was fine.
One thing that the tutors said was that I sounded really passionate and excited about my work, which I’m very happy about because this is true and I need it to come across when I’m talking!

Suggestions which were made were:

  • Frame idea may be too conventional/safe
    Could try printed mounts, printed with line drawings
    Option for printed fabric mounts
    This will set my work apart from other framed pieces
  • Idea of bits coming over and around the frame, rather than being restricted to inside it
  • Keep developing the wording, idea of having that on the mount, or as a border?
  • Option of selling alternative accessories, such as tea towels, aprons, oven gloves, mugs etc
  • For next week, swap over mood boards and timetable in space
  • On board in space, organise into collections, maybe just have favourite samples up ready for Dr Miller’s visit (other samples in a sketchbook)
  • The tutors really liked my photos from the beach images, and encouraged me to ‘how these off’, for example in a calendar

I’m feeling really positive after this chat, and am looking forward to continuing my experimentation.



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