Today I finally got back into the stitch workshop and worked on some ideas from the crits yesterday.

The birds were the biggest thing I wanted to play with today after drawing them this week.


The herring gull was first (as always) and I tried an applique of white and blue-grey cotton onto linen, with black thread. In my previous samples, I hadn’t appliqued the body, only the wing, but this made such a difference. I think the shape still needs a little working on (I’m not completely happy with the face) but this is definitely an improvement from my last samples, and it is rewarding to see that I’m making progress.
On this sample I had a go at adding the wording in the font which I had practised before, and I am really starting to like the idea of the Latin name next to the image.

I then had a go at portraying my favourite gull drawing. I was really interested in this resting position of the bird trying to keep warm. I think it looks really cosy and ‘fluffed up’, which I feel gives it a character.
I also wanted to try to portray the seaweed at its feet, in an alternative way to the needle punched organza. Here I just scribbled with a couple of different coloured threads, which I think is actually quite effective. This is something which I plan to develop further.

With my oyster catcher drawings, I tried three different motifs. Cutting out the pieces for the applique took a really long time to get right, but I do think this was worth it and am happy with the outcome of these.
This time I used the electronic sewing machines to create the illusion of the seaweed, with a pre-set ‘scribble’ stitch. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of this and will definitely be experimenting further!
I would like to add orange to these birds, particularly on their beaks, because I feel that this is one of the biggest thing that stands out to me, and makes them distinctive. I would quite like to try this with watercolours, in order for the colour to be muted and co ordinate with my colour palette.


While on the electronic sewing machine I remembered the feature which allows you to type out words, which I tried during the ‘speed dating’ workshop previously. So I had a little go at typing the Latin names of the birds, and repeating them. I was surprised at how much I actually liked these, I think this is because I was expecting this technique to be too controlled and rigid for my work, but it actually didn’t lose the hand made quality which is important to me. I want to experiment more with this, as I ran out of time and am excited at the prospect of what this could offer.

This morning I had a final sort out of my mood boards and stuck everything down, which made them look so much more professional and appropriate for the external examiner. After a little move round of my space, as suggested my the tutors in my critique tutorial yesterday, I’m feeling really happy and inspired by it.


The visit from the external examiner next week is the biggest thing on my mind at the moment, and I am thinking about how to whittle down my presentation from yesterday ready for her. I am also excited to meet her because of her experience teaching the embroidery masters at Manchester Met uni, which is something that I am considering doing in a few years time.
I really hope to come across passionate to Dr Miller, and am really looking forward to meeting her.

I didn’t get time today to work on my brittle starfish drawings in stitch, so this is towards the top of my ‘to do’ list for next week.



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