Product Thoughts

After the presentation on Thursday, the biggest thing that has been on my mind has been the suggestion of the addition of some products, for example oven gloves and tea towels.

The more I think about this idea, the more I like it. I am now quite keen to develop some designs for screen print that can be used for products such as tea towels.

I personally like to buy things like canvas tote bags when I visit places, as a practical reminder of my time there, for example museums such as the V&A and the Bauhaus in Berlin.

I’ll always remember my Nana’s collection of hideous tea towels which she had collected from British holidays in places like the Isle of Wight. I really like the idea of this ‘vintage’ tradition being something that I can modernise, and create some beautiful products which my target market would like to purchase on holidays.

Image result for isle of wight tea towel

This is something that could be a really nice idea for me to develop with my own designs on them, for visitors to buy in tourist information or visitor centres at coastal locations. These are the sort of products which could also be seen in National Trust shops and cafes, and will offer a more affordable, practical purchase for my customer.

So far I’ve been thinking about my recent drawings of Brittle Starfish, and that they could make a really effective pattern for these products.

I also like the idea of having the lettering of the Latin names of the creatures on these designs, as they don’t necessarily need to be repeat patterns.

So far I’m thinking mainly tote bags, tea towels, and possibly cushions, but this could be extended.

I think that the natural, beige coloured linen which I’ve been using as backgrounds would be perfect for these product.

The technique I think I will use for these is screen printing, which will be the most suitable, and practical.

I am going to be exhibiting at New Designers in the summer and this is the sort of thing which could be really effective shown there.

Next week I’d like to start to draw up some designs for these, and possibly get a screen exposed, but this may have to wait until the next week, just because of Dr Miller’s visit.

I’m also going to do some research into how to make things like tea towels (I’m assuming its pretty simple), and other artists who make them.

I am so excited to show this tutorial! I made these tea towels from scratch and hand painted the drawings on them. It was so much fun to do!  I have been seeing a lot of new and fun tea towels over on Etsy, and just felt so inspired to make a series of my…:



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