Artist Inspiration

While looking into the idea of making tea towels, and also at a few more shops, I came across the artist Charlotte Macey, who is based in the Cotswolds and has a Textile Design degree. Her collection of products includes cushions, tea towels, kitchen accessories, crockery and stationery, mostly using linen and 100% cotton, which caught my eye due to the fabrics I’ll be using myself.

Her items are chic and contemporary, with a very natural, muted colour palette, and I would like to take inspiration from this in my work. Some of my samples have quite a messy, harsh look and I would like to get these looking much more stylish and modern, to create pieces and products which my fashionable customer would like to purchase.

Her styling in her product photographs is simple and very effective, and something which I will definitely keep in mind when photographing my own work.

Cow Parsley Embroidered Linen Cushion

Image result for charlotte macey tea towel

Charlotte Macey


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