Surgery Tutorial

Today I managed to get a surgery tutorial in with Irene about the consultancy project. I’ve been looking forward to discussing my next steps here but also a little worried about how I’m going to fit in all of this work!
Irene suggested however that I continue to work on my FMP field project for the time being, and then work on my consultancy during the Easter Break, which has made me a bit happier!

Irene is brilliant to talk to and is always really inspiring, and has made me feel really good about my work so far. She spoke a lot about creating my portfolio, which is something which I’ve been pushing to the back of my mind, but knowing that it needs to be done. At first I was reluctant to create any of this digitally, because I felt that it doesn’t reflect my personal style. However after our chat today, and seeing some examples, I can see that this is crucial if I want it to be to a high standard, and be professional, and it can still represent what I am about, if done right.
The example that Irene showed me was beautiful and clean, and I can imagine that this is a really useful thing to have in the industry. Although I’m not planning on working for a company as a designer in the future, I think this will still be beneficial to me to have, especially for New Designers.

She also encouraged me to work on the branding and name for my final collection, which she described as having a very gentle, natural feel.

The biggest things I took from today’s chat were:

Consultancy project:

  • Presentation and layout in research is so important, but I have improved this now, in the current project
  • Work needs to look CONTEMPORARY!
  • Could try more techniques in creating texture
  • Look at creating fabric seed packets
  • Have a go at the idea of a journal/book for the children


  • Look on arts thread at examples
  • Have a contents page at beginning of the collections inside
  • Must look contemporary
  • Must have a brand – colours, fonts etc. – establish this first
  • Maybe create a fabric swatch book as well as a portfolio, with tissue paper or acrylic dividers with the details written on it, the portfolio and fabric book will reference each other
  • No square images ‘plonked’ on the page
  • Industry IG project displayed after the final collection
  • Sketchbooks are ‘wheelie bins’, take out the best bits for the portfolio
  • No blank pages – print on both sides

I’m feeling happy with everything I need to do from now, most of it being me needing to get onto a computer and play around with logos, branding, fonts and portfolio pages. It is going to be a lot of work, especially because I’m not very confident in programmes like photoshop, but I am determined to do my best here.


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