3D Bird

I’m still very much on the fence in terms of deciding whether to chuck the idea of the bird sculptures or not. I know that the most obvious decision is to focus on everything else and forget this idea, but it is something that I’ve almost got my heart set on trying.

Today I had a little go at making the most simple pattern from the ‘Artful Bird’ book out of calico. This was a lot more complicated than I had expected and I was surprised that I did eventually manage it, but I am happy with the wonky little wren.

I tried one of the wire legs that I made at the wire workshop ages ago up against it and I think it looks really effective. The wings and tail are sewn on with just a couple of hand stitches in order to keep them looking 3D, which I think is a nice touch. I can definitely picture this in some more interesting fabrics and with some embroidery texture. I think I’ll try another one of the more difficult patterns and then decide whether or not it is worth it.


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