Thinking Tea Towels

When shopping at the weekend, I couldn’t believe how many tea towels I kept spotting, I clearly had them on the brain! All of the examples I found were either 100% cotton or linen, so I know that this is definitely the fabric to stick with.

A lot of the ones on sale also had tags/hooks in one corner to hang the towels up, which is something that I am definitely considering adding, and also a label featuring the brand, which could be a really nice touch. Some were folded on the side, which was more common, but some were sewn 2D, directly onto the corner of the towel, which I thought looked really effective, and could be embroidered.

I have also realised that, although I have been enjoying playing with screen printed designs and am pretty sure that I will do this, there is nothing stopping me adding in stitch too. I have also been thinking in more detail about what the bags and cushions could look like, and this week is mostly dedicated to finalising motifs to go on these. I feel that I have almost perfected the brittle stars, mussels and barnacles, but I need more, for example the mermaid’s purses.



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