Portfolio Examples

Today Irene was kind enough to dig out some examples of her previous students’ portfolios for me to have a look at. This was really helpful for me to get some ideas for my own, especially in terms of layouts, and although all of these belonged to fashion students, I managed to grab a few pointers which I will be able to apply to mine.

The photos below are some of the many I took of the three portfolios which were the most relevant to my work, and which inspired me.

Some pointers which I noted down were:

  • CV and business cards in a pocket in the back, so people looking through may take one
  • Paper clips or split pins holding fabrics swatches and samples
  • Lots of white space on pages – doesn’t need to be full
  • Working from the middle/spine, outwards
  • Logo, font, colours are all very important in getting across the brand
  • Mostly own images but a couple found, if made their own (e.g. manipulated digitally)
  • Inserted alternative papers – tracing paper is effective when printed on to create additional layers
  • Customer profile included
  • Layering of pages which are trimmed to reveal the next one
  • Some had pages with just one big photo in middle – less is more, and says more than a page full of little images may do
  • Contents page is important
  • Name of artist and collections are obvious
  • Artist statement/summary of collection is included
  • Colours are consistent throughout
  • Whole thing is coherent, but every page is different and no image is used more than once

I am looking forward to making a start on my own portfolio pages, and I think I’ll begin with roughly sketching out what pages I want to include, and what imagery will go on them.


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