Collection Organisation

This morning I was feeling a little bit lost in terms of what my next moves were, so I sat down and sorted out what I would like my final collection to look like. I listed and roughly sketched out some ideas for the framed pieces, 3D birds, tea towels, canvas bags and cushions. This really helped me in determining my next steps, particularly what experimentation was left to do.
I’ve now got a list of a few more samples that I want to try, in order to perfect techniques and imagery to take into the final pieces.
Its scary to see it all coming to an end, but I’m really excited to see the end product!

I spent the afternoon starting on some more experimentation in stitch, which took longer than planned, but will hopefully be worth it! I used dissolvable fabric to create the tops of some Beadlet Anemones, with the hope that I can applique these onto the bases tomorrow.

I also tried some seaweed texture with a scribbled motion in a variety of thread colours, which could look more effective than doing this straight onto the chosen base fabric.

Hopefully these bits stay intact when I dissolve them tomorrow!

My plan for tomorrow is to continue working through some experimentation in the stitch room, hopefully finalising some techniques and motifs for my collection.


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