Felt Making

This morning I made what will hopefully be my last pieces of felt for my final collection. I made two pieces in a blue-purple colour, and one in a lighter blue, which will be used for applique.


Looking at my current motifs for the collection, I am happy with the ones I have so far but felt that I needed one more. I have now played with a few more drawings of green shore crabs, in the hope that this could be something featured in the final collection. I’m planning on taking this into stitch tomorrow.

I then got started planning and designing what will hopefully be my final collection, which at the moment includes:

  • Cushions:
    Square – mermaid’s purse
    Square – herring hull
    Oblong – blue mussels
  • Framed pieces:
    Egg wrack
    Toothed wrack
    Beadlet anemones
    Green shore crab
  • Tote Bags:
    Oyster catchers
    Brittle stars
  • Tea Towels:
    Brittle stars
    Mermaid’s purse

By looking at these items in more detail, I have been able to compile a list of the remaining experimentation which needs to be done before I can begin work on the final collection.

This afternoon I also had a little play with painting on some linen using watercolours and blue ink, with which I tried some mussel and oyster shells. I was pleasantly surprised at how these turned out and would like to stitch into these.


Tomorrow I’m hoping to have a tutorial with one of the tutors, just to see if I’m on the right track, and then would like to spend some time in stitch, working on my last bits of experimentation.


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