Tutorial with Keireine

Today I was able to have a much needed tutorial with Keireine, and I’m now feeling much more on track than before. The things which we discussed were:

  • Rather than making so many products, concentrate on making a collection of croquis. This is something that initially did throw me a little bit, because I’ve been so set on creating these one off pieces to be sold in shops like National Trust locations, however after discussing it, it makes so much more sense to create a whole collection. Keireine made a good point, by asking me whether I preferred the construction and product design side, or the surface design and embroidery, the latter obviously being my answer. So it would seem silly not to concentrate on this. I’ve decided to create this collection of designs without a number in mind, and letting it naturally grow, and after counting the motifs that I know I would be using, I have 14, which I think is quite a nice number so far for a handmade collection. I am planning to present a couple of cushions alongside, and debating a couple of tea towels too.
  • With the colourways, don’t go with brights as an obvious alternative option, as it would lose the nice natural feel of my collection and could become quite childlike.
  • Possibility of the addition of sound effects coming from a pair of headphones on the wall, with sounds like oyster catcher and herring gull calls and waves. I really like this idea because the whole idea of my collection is to evoke the longing for the sea, but I’m unsure whether this is feasible for me to complete with the time limit, alongside all of the stitching!
  • Try a difference in scale in the barnacle and mermaid’s purse motifs, to make them a little more interesting.
  • Think about a variety of fabrics other than the linen.

Despite a little bit of a change of plan, I’m feeling good about what I need to do now, and just need to get on with it!


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