Final Making!

Today I started working on the croquis for my final collection and organised which fabrics I will be using. The three I’m working with are two linens (one lighter and thick, and the other darker in colour and thinner) and a silk organza. When I held them all up together they look brilliant as a collective, and I’m confident that they will assist in giving me a cohesive collection.
There will be two samples in the silk and the rest spread relatively evenly between the two linens.
Today I finished the barnacle coordinate onto the darker linen, and made a start on the mussels. This one is time consuming and is made up of lots of layers of stitching in a variety of colours, so I am hoping to finish it tomorrow.

These two look quite effective together already and I’m excited to see the finished collection!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to a workshop on how to create a professional website on WordPress, which will hopefully be really helpful to me, and then in the afternoon I’m planning on continuing work on my croquis in stitch.


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