Website Workshop and More Designs

This morning I went to a workshop for how to create a website using WordPress which was incredibly helpful. It is really important for me to have a website by the time our final show comes around, even just for people to contact me, and this workshop was even better than expected. In the time there I created a basic website with three pages: home, contact and gallery. It still needs quite a bit of work but I’m really happy with it as a start.

For the rest of the day I was in stitch working on my final collection. I finished the mussels which I started yesterday and began work on the barnacles onto silk organza. These are all really time consuming motifs to stitch out and although it means that everything is taking longer than I would like, I really like knowing how much work has gone into each piece.


I’m still really please with how they are looking together.

Tomorrow will be more stitch, I hope to finish the silk barnacles and get started on at least 2 more.


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