Buying Fabric and Final Croquis

Today was another day in the stitch room working on my final samples for my collection. I finished the barnacles on the silk and am so happy with them. I’m really glad I made the decision to include this.
I also completed the applique for the bladder wrack sample in the mustard poly-cotton, all it needs adding to it now are the black hand embroidered marks inside each of the ‘bladders’.
This is the design which I am thinking of using to suggest some alternative colourways, perhaps with a smaller sample showing just one stalk of seaweed. I think I am going to use deep, rich colours like teal, or a dark purple, because I think this is a palette which would still be suitable for my intended customer. This is something that I need to discuss in my tutorial tomorrow.
Again, when all of the samples that I have made so far are put together, they seem like a really cohesive collection.


Today I also bought all of my fabrics from Maggie, which should hopefully be everything for my final collection. I cut all of my sample sizes out and prepared them for stitching with backing paper. This has made me feel a lot better about where I am in terms of finishing on time!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to a workshop for construction, and am planning on making a mock-up of my cushion in calico. Then I’ve got a tutorial where I’m going to determine my ‘action plan’ for the Easter break and also what I’m going to do for my colourways. In the afternoon I’m going to continue on my stitched croquis.



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