On Thursday I had a tutorial with Keireine to find out my formative feedback and how I’m doing so far. I’m pleased with the result but am keen to push it up further.

The things we discussed for me to look at doing in the next few weeks were:
– Continue to make final croquis
– Consider not using hangers and display arms for degree show display, maybe instead a visual ‘collage’ to show all of the pieces, not wanting to hide them!
– Display collection in sub-families
– Consider borders, edges, finishes and trims to complement designs
– Consider taking 3D into a 2D paper collection for more options for products from designs, displayed in a portfolio or in addition to fabrics on the wall
– Refine brief

I also asked a couple of questions about my colourways.

For the rest of the day I worked on creating the slashing sample for the final collection. I again kept the bits that I scraped off the top with the scalpel so I can needle punch with it for the other textural sample. All this sample needs now is the white appliqued barnacles. I’m happier with this one that my experimental sample from before because I concentrated more on the fabrics and colours I was using in order for it to be coherent with the rest of the collection. Despite not liking the felt in the last one, I used this material again but this time a different colour.


On Saturday (yesterday) I went and purchased my fabrics for my colourway sample. This will be for my ‘toothed wrack’ design, and I went for one with a pink linen and red poly cotton, and the other was a navy linen with a deep purple poly cotton. I actually found it surprisingly difficult to find colours which were different to my colour scheme because it is so broad! The photos below don’t really do the colours justice but I am looking forward to seeing how these turn out.


I’ve spent today painting out all 15 of my final designs. I’ve had vague ideas of what they will all look like through my previous developmental sampling, but I wanted to sit down and properly plan the placement and composition of each one. I’m looking forward to creating these next week.


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