Exhibition Space

degree shpw

Above is a rough outline of how my exhibition space is going to look. I am going to take Keireine’s advice and move away from the rails of pieces, mostly because I just don’t want them to be hidden behind each other!
I have decided to mount each of the square pieces onto MDF, by neatly stitching the corners behind it. I feel that this could be a really effective way of showing the collection as a whole, and to use the entire space to my advantage.
I am going to buy (and hopefully cut..) the MDF over the Easter break and maybe mount some samples with help from my Dad, which will give me a good start.
I think my options for thickness are either 3mm or 6mm, and I am currently leaning more towards the thicker one because a bit of depth from the wall could be really effective.
In terms of my silk samples, at the moment I think they will be over-locked and hung/draped over the linen pieces, as almost a collage.
I am also going to explore options for the actual mounting of these pieces, whether it be picture hooks (if allowed by the thickness of MDF chosen), Velcro pads or adhesive pads/tape.

In terms of my products, I am either thinking of having the cushions displayed on the floor, on a shelf or in a basket, and the tea towels probably hung on hooks on the wall.

We have now been allocated our spaces in the studio for the exhibition. I am happy with what I have been given because, although not next to a window, there is one completely opposite on the other side of the room, which I think will give a nice natural light to the space without there being too much of a glare if very sunny. The light was important to me because of the natural theme of my collection, and also to try to accentuate the ‘pearly’ elements in some of the pieces.
I am also placed in between each of the two doors to the room, which could work to my advantage if visitors are just having a quick look around the room.
I have been allocated three walls, so need to think about really using this space to my advantage.
I hope that everyone is happy with the space that they have been allocated, its all becoming very real and I am excited to see it all come together!

After discussions with other people in the cohort about their ideas for their final displays, I am a little bit worried that mine won’t stand out from the otherwise brightly coloured, graphic collections. I don’t want mine to be lost amongst all of the colour and bold statements. Hopefully if I stay true to the natural, muted, understated theme of my own work, I’ll stand out for other reasons.

I’ve been looking on Pinterest for some display inspiration:



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