Hand Embroidery

A whole lot of the Easter break so far has been taken up with hand embroidery, and today I finally finished it! I have added ‘dots’ to all of the pods on the toothed wrack seaweed sample (and colourways), the brittle stars on linen now have hairy legs and my needle punched sample has been finished off with some French knots.
Although this has been a really time consuming process, I’m so happy with the outcome and am pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference these little marks make to the whole piece. I’m also actually really proud of myself for sticking with the idea because, as a usually really impatient worker, I actually sat for hours and completed them!
I hope that these additions will work in my favour, because although the viewer may need to look quite closely to notice them, it really adds to the idea of this collection being very much about the ‘hand made’, and that a lot of care and time goes into each piece.


These are some French knots sewn onto the needle punched design. Looking at this one once I had got it home, I felt that it just looked a bit flat, as though it was missing something. These marks have made such a difference and I’m really happy with the texture on this piece.


The Brittle-stars again were missing something and adding the hand embroidered hairs up and down the legs made them come alive.


These were the most time consuming to create but were so worth it. The dots really make the bulbous parts of the seaweed stand out and are more true to life.


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