Thinking About Props

Something that I am really aware of for the final display is not to overdo the props. This is something that was in the front of my mind when looking at previous years’ shows and I haven’t forgotten. I think, when thinking about the exhibition space, it is really easy to get carried away with props and accessories and, although they might ‘go’ with the theme of the collection, they may not actually be necessary. I’m really conscious not to over do the ‘styling’ of the display, and if the props aren’t really necessary, I won’t be using them. I think there is a fine line between over styled and boring, and I want to find that middle ground where I have thought about the display more than just plonking down my work, but haven’t gone to town on the relevant ‘bits’ to place around it all. With my theme in particular, it would be quite easy for me to include collected flotsam and jetsam from beaches, drape old fishing nets over the wall and make everything out of driftwood, but this is cliche, expected and unnecessary. I have therefore decided to, keep it simple with a couple of key pieces which I feel show off my work rather than overcrowd it and actually mean something to me.


These pieces have been in the garden at home for years and were both found on family trips to beaches. The driftwood branch is particularly special to me because it was brought home from Scotland on the train by me as a child because I just loved it.
I am happy that these two props go together really nicely, and will complement my work. The crate might be useful to display the cushions in, and I’m thinking about draping the tea towels over the branch.


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