Getting Organised

Today was the first day back in uni after the Easter break so I spent some time organising myself, writing to do lists and planning the next three weeks (eek!).

Looking at my finished samples over the break, I felt that the ‘slashed’ piece looked unfinished, so today I took it back to the sewing machine and worked into it a bit more with the straight foot and a variety of green embroidery threads. I am much happier now with the result and I also feel that it is more coherent with the other textured piece in the collection, where I used a similar technique.


I put my samples all out together in the stitch room and had a little discussion about things to improve, and I’m still set on improving the herring gull, it just doesn’t look quite right. We also agreed that it would be a good idea to redo the brittle stars on the silk organza, to try to get a nicer finish and also to get the pattern right up to the edges.
I’ve been thinking about how to display the two on the silk, at the moment they’ll probably be over-locked and hung with invisible thread, only just away from the wall and the rest of the display.

I took my wood over to be cut this afternoon but was told that it would be more accurate to get it done in another workshop, so I have booked myself in for tomorrow morning to get those done. This is a job that I am keen to be finished because I think I will feel a bit better afterwards. I am also looking forward to seeing what the fabric looks like around a piece of wood, which I think will put me at ease a bit more.

Other than that, tomorrow is also going to be for creating the tops for the anemone sample with dissolvable fabric, which I think is going to be a time consuming job!
Today I cut out the fronts of my cushions and the tea towels, so tomorrow I think I will also get those backed and start cutting out the applique fabrics. Getting these prepared for stitching will make me a lot happier about everything I still need to do!


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