Making Progress

This morning I came into uni early and went down to the wood workshop to get my MDF cut up into squares. This has made me feel a lot better about where I am at and it has also been really useful to see the size and depth properly.


Last night I had a go at making some tassels because it has been a while since the last time I tried, and found a new technique of tying them which has a much neater finish. Today I had a rummage through the wools and bits in the stitch workshop and made a couple more which are more suited to my colour scheme.

I think my favourite is the one on the far right because the thickness of this wool sat much nicer as a bundle, and is probably the best colour.
I’m thinking of maybe having tassels on the corners of one of my cushion, to bring a more upmarket feel, but am still undecided on this.

I spent a lot of my time today finally stitching out the tentacles to be stitched onto the beadlet anemones which I embroidered over Easter. These are really time consuming to create but I loved the sample I did previously, so they’ll hopefully be worth it! I have dissolved the fabric around them so by tomorrow they will be dry and ready to be hand stitched on to the bases.


I have also made a final decision that the brittle stars on silk sample that I completed previously just isn’t up to the standard I want it to be because of the unravelled and warped stitching. I do still like the idea of the design though so I had a little think and tried the same idea but with the lengths of the legs filled in with a dense stitch, similar to that on the anemone tentacles.

I tried a plain black leg; the same with hairs and then one with a colour fill with a black outline. I definitely prefer the ones with hairs, which are much more defined and ‘starfish-like’. I was unsure whether I preferred the colour or black but asked around and everyone chose the colour. I think I will use this technique to redo the silk sample tomorrow, but with a better colour.

I also finished all of the machine embroidery on my first cushion. I’ve chosen to repeat the mustard yellow bladder wrack as this was one of my favourite samples. The ends just need to be pulled through and finished tomorrow. The croquis sample for this design has hand embroidered marks within the circles, and I do really like this effect, however I am really unsure whether this is necessary on the cushion, as it would take me so many hours to complete.

I am happy with the progress that I made today and hope that tomorrow I can get even further towards being finished.


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