Digital Bits

The main thing which I wanted to work on for this module was some digital additions. I am happy with what I produced for the formative deadline but looking back at it now, I can see lots of improvements that can be made. This evening I made a start on taking the work I did previously into photoshop and illustrator, starting with the instruction cards for the cards.

I would like to print these off and colour them with watercolour by hand, in order not to lose the hand made element which I was so proud of when creating this range. I think I would also like to redo the recipe cards which were to be put into the cards with the instructions.

I also made a start on the ‘journal of growth idea’ that came from my feedback, and I can see that this is going to be a really positive addition.


The idea of this is that the child who receives the card can record their seed paper growing, by describing it and drawing pictures of the progress weekly. I was putting this job off for weeks but now that I’ve started, I’m looking forward to working on it further.

Other than these digital additions, I am also planning on digitising my mood boards, and recreating one or two of the cards, trying to get them looking a bit more contemporary. I would like to try to make the seed packets again, but this time out of fabric.


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