Cushion Embroidery

Today was mostly spent working on the embroidery for the ‘mussel’ cushion. The dense stitching is so time consuming but well worth it, and I’m really happy with the outcome. I am really looking forward to seeing this made into the cushion. I think this one will be paired with some coordinating buttons which are covered with the barnacles on linen, to match those on the front. The hem on the back will also be in a blue, to contrast to the neutral linen.

I also worked on the third cushion, which will feature the beadlet anemones. The bottoms are stitched and the dissolvable fabric tentacles have been soaked and are drying, ready to be hand stitched on in the morning.

I also spent some time cutting out a heap of white poly-cotton circles, ready to be turned into barnacles tomorrow. It always surprises me how long little jobs like this take!

The postcards arrived for the show today and I am so pleased with the result. We’re so grateful to have had these printed for us and I’m looking forwards to seeing them as part of my display.

I also sent off for my business cards today, a little later than I would have liked but I was going through a bit of a creative block with them! After trying out countless different ideas, compositions, fonts and imagery, I’ve decided to go really simple and clean. I have also used an image which will go nicely with my postcards.

I’ve also left a gap at the bottom for a simple line of bright stitching, which I think will be a nice addition of a ‘piece of me’, and hopefully make them stand out.

This evening I have been working on some digital additions to my consultancy work.

Tomorrow it is back into the stitch workshop to make some progress on the embroidery for the tea towels, now that the pieces for the cushions are complete. I think I will start with the barnacles as this is going to take the longest!


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