More Digital Bits

This evening I worked some more on the digital additions for the consultancy module.

I managed to finished off the instruction pages, and also the journal of growth.

The journal includes spaces for the child to write the date, the weather, and to describe their seeds’ growth. I am definitely going with the idea of printing these in black and white and using watercolours to add colour by hand, because I think this will be a really nice addition which is cohesive to the rest of my work. This card with the journal is definitely something that I myself would have loved to receive as a child at primary school.

I also made a start on the mood boards, however looking back at them now I am not happy with the font I used. I also need to add in some of my own images which I took at Borough Market, and then once printed there will be the addition of things like fabric swatches and samples of my hand made papers. Although digitising these have made them look significantly more professional and more suitable for my portfolio, I feel that I need to stay true to my more tactical, hand made style by adding things like this afterwards.

I’m happy with the progress I made this evening, I just need to finish the mood boards now and the digital side of things is finished!


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