Yesterday I spent the day in the stitch workshop working on the embroidery for my products.

First I embroidered the tentacles onto the five anemone bodies, which took a lot longer than I was expecting.. a lot of the morning was also taken up by anticipation, adrenaline and relief following the dissertation grades being released!


However I did manage to finish the decoration of one tea towel – the barnacle design. Although simple, I am really liking this one, and I think the very slight variation in sizing of the applique fabric made a difference.


Just quickly at the end of the day I had the idea of ‘signing’ each of my products with my name, which I have seen a lot of artists/designers doing throughout my research. However instead of the common label sewn on the bottom, I like the idea of my name being embroidered straight onto the fabric, in my own handwriting. So I had a little go and was more impressed with the result than I was expecting to be. I think I will follow through with this idea, in one of the bottom corners of the tea towels and on the back of the cushions.


I’m taking a well needed day off from it all tomorrow as I feel it is so important for me not to overdo it and work myself into the ground, and I’ll get back to it tomorrow evening with some hand embroidery, which I have indeed made the decision to do on my seaweed cushion. After doing this on the sample, the cushion just looks unfinished!


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