Bits and Bobs

This weekend I managed to finished all of the hand embroidery on the seaweed cushion! This is something that I was a bit worried about finishing after knowing how long even the smaller sample took me, so much so that I wasn’t even sure if I was going to do it or not. I am so glad I decided to go ahead because it has made such a difference, and I am really excited to see it as a cushion.

I also spent a lot of time creating felt balls. I got this idea because I was thinking about how little of the felting technique I have actually ended up using in my final collection and that this is a bit of a shame.

I ended up making a pile in three different colours in my chosen palette, with the intention of these being strung into a garland to complement my exhibition display. I feel that this is a nice way of incorporating the traditional technique with a contemporary idea of display.
I also made four in a brighter green, in two different sizes which I am hoping will be sewn into the corners of the seaweed cushion. I love how well these colours complement each other and that it adds that little something more to the overall product.

I am enjoying thinking about the trimmings and additions to complement my cushions, and these are my current ideas:
– 16″ square cushion with yellow seaweed
Green felt balls on each corner
Polymer clay buttons with texture to match hand embroidery on seaweed
– 16″ square cushion with beadlet anemones
Want to try to make some sort of tassel using the same idea/technique as the tentacles
Covered fabric buttons – orange or pink to match front, or another colour in palette
– 12″ by 18″ oblong cushion with mussels
Linen covered buttons with appliqued barnacles (love these!)

For the moment I have decided against the tassels, because although I love them, I’m not sure if they’re actually adding anything to my collection at all. I want to make something along the same lines though for the anemone cushion, but I’m not quite sure yet!

I’m really looking forward to meeting my buddy tomorrow and also to get back into the stitch room. My plan for the day is to finish the embroidery for both remaining tea towels – brittle stars and herring gulls and then the rest of the week is constructing the cushions and tea towels and starting to mount the pieces onto wood.


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