Brittle Star Tea Towel

Today I didn’t get as much done as I was hoping to, I think due to a mix of the buddy meeting, clearing and moving out of the studio and the tasks I had set myself taking longer than I was expecting!
Although I didn’t manage to finished both tea towels’ decoration, I did complete the one with the brittle stars. I am happy with the result and am looking forward to seeing it once the pen has faded and it has been hemmed and finished.


It was really good to meet my second year buddy today (finally!) and I am really grateful for her help!

When the studio was being cleared today, my exhibition space was emptied and revealed 4 rather ugly plug sockets…right in the middle of the wall! I was really thrown off by these, I don’t need electricity for my show and they are going to be just a little bit in the way! I spoke to Helen and Steve and my options are to have a box built around it and use that as a shelf, have the whole wall boarded up or to swap spaces with someone who would be able to cover it with large pieces/products. I am doubtful that anyone would want to move at this late stage, and I would also be reluctant. I like the idea of the box, if it means I could use it as a shelf (and wouldn’t have to buy one) but this would mean either building it myself (unlikely and asking for a disaster) or trying to get the time and attention from a TD for long enough for them to build it for me. I like the idea of a new ‘wall’ being put in because this will cover them completely and discretely, and also means that I won’t have to be hammering/drilling into a solid wall, where there is the risk of pipes/wiring etc being hit. I have also spoken to Georgia, who is next to me, and she would quite like the use of these plug sockets, so a new, temporary wall built over the top would be ideal, because she could then run hidden wires behind it. I’m really hoping that this is something that can be done, and soon. This was a bit of an unexpected obstacle, but I can do this!


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