Products done!

Over Thursday and Friday I have been concentrating on getting all of my cushions finished and I’m finally done! I am really proud of the outcome of these, previously when making cushions I have just kind of ‘winged it’ and maybe cut a few corners, but here I followed the instructions carefully and took my time. Although this has meant that they’ve taken me a little while, they have a much more professional finish.

I am so so happy with the look of the polymer clay buttons I made, the texture on them matched the marks on the seaweed perfectly and the yellow thread is a really nice tough. I was a bit worried that they might be too bright white but the fact that they stand out is quite effective. I am also really happy with the green felt balls on the corner of this one, which just add an extra bit of colour and interest to the overall cushion.
I also love the barnacle buttons on the back of the mussel cushion, which I feel coordinate with the front really nicely.

The oblong mussel cushion is filled with a polyester insert, as opposed to the fuck feather cushions inside the others, and to me there is an obvious difference. I have therefore ordered another feather one to replace it, and match the much fatter, higher quality ones. This may not actually arrive by Friday for the deadline, but at least I can replace it in time for the exhibition to open.

The third cushion, with the anemones, has no buttons on the back yet, because I’ve been really indecisive on what I want them to look like! I think I’m pretty set on an idea now though so this is one of the first jobs for this week!

This week I’ve had a complete change in terms of my exhibition space – I have completely swapped with someone. It is only one space across, so I am still getting all of the benefits which I was so happy with when originally finding out my space, in terms of room placement and lighting etc, but now don’t have to worry about the four plug sockets in the middle of the wall! This space is also a bit smaller, which is good for me as I was concerned that my small pieces would get lost on the large, high wall. The other plus is that my new area is made of wooden walls, so will be easier to work with.
The space has now all been built and painted and I’m very grateful to all of the second years who helped get it finished in time!


On Friday I also got all of my overlocking done. Although the edges of my samples won’t be visible behind the wood, I’d still like them to be neat. These still need to be finished on the corners but it felt good to get this done. One thing I did realise while doing this however is that some of my samples are way too small to fit around the wood! I want them to all be the same size so I am now going to have to cut down all 13 squares even more.
I over-locked the two samples which are on the silk organza, and these look so pretty now that they are finished nicely.


It was my birthday yesterday so this weekend has been a little bit of a break (brilliant timing, I know..!), but I did visit a beach today. It was actually really nice to get back to the heart of the inspiration of this project and it put me in a good place ready for the deadline.


I have now bought a small shelf, which is only 30cm long and will be perfect for my small wall on the right of my exhibition space. On this I am hoping to display my post cards and business cards.

Speaking of which, these have also arrived! I was a bit worried about how they were going to turn out, I think because the design is so simple, but I am so happy with the look of them! These just need to be stitched now and they’ll be ready to go. I have been thinking about maybe doing a variety of thread colours throughout the pile rather than just the mustard yellow, but this is something I’ll decide when I actually get to it. Just another thing to add to my (rather long) to do list for this week eek!


My plan tomorrow is to make the last three buttons, finish off the ends of all of my overlocking, get my wood trimmed down a bit further (hopefully) and to get mounting.


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