This morning I had a little chat with Keireine and Helen about my ideas for display and where I am at so far. It was quite helpful but understandably for them, it was hard to talk about a blank white wall. So I’m going to talk to them again at some point this week once I’ve got something up.


Walking into the studio this morning, I was blown away by the standard of work which was put up over the weekend. I am still a little worried about how small and muted my collection is going to look up against all of the other displays, but for now I’m just to keep going as I am and hope that my work will stand out for other reasons.

This morning I got all of my overlocking ends finished, including the rolled hem on the silk organza samples, which I feel made a big difference.

The thing that I was most worried about getting done today was getting my wood cut down smaller, but my second year buddy Leigh was so helpful and completely sorted it for me, so it was one less thing I had to think about and was done by 2pm! Last week, I was a little bit worried about not having anything for Leigh to do other than paint my wall and help me get everything up, because admittedly I am a little bit of a ‘control freak’ and wanted to do everything myself. Today however I have learnt that it is actually okay to accept the help that is being offered, and it will help me to not stress out over everything I still need to do!

Once the MDF was sorted I could start mounting. How this would be done was one thing that Keireine and Helen were questioning this morning, but I was actually surprised how quickly I worked out how to do it neatly and professionally. I managed to get four done so am hoping to get the rest finished tomorrow.

I’ve also been thinking about options for the buttons on my third cushion, with the beadlet anemones. I’m really stuck with these because the other buttons I have made each have individual interests, so I need these to be creative and different.
I had the idea of creating a dense stitch similar to that which makes up the tentacles on the anemones, and covering a button, however when I tried this the fabric was much too thick to work so I need to rethink!


This evening I have also had a little look at my business cards. I tried rounding the corners of one and also the stitching on the front. I’m not too sure about the threads – it looks a little too thick and the holes are too big – but I’m going to try this again tomorrow at uni.
In terms of the corners, although I do really like the rounded corners, and they add something a little different, I’m now thinking that the original squared corners look more professional and will look better when displayed next to my post cards. I can always round them off in the future.

So my plan for tomorrow is to continue mounting my samples, and then to spend the evening in the library finishing off digital bits.


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