All Coming Together

Today I finally got everything up in my space, a little later in the week than I would have liked, but done all the same! All that’s left for me to do now is little bits of consultancy work and finishing my press packs, I can’t believe it is all over!


There have been a phew minor changes of plan in terms of display and composition of my designs, but overall I have stuck to plan and am really happy with it. My cushions are now displayed on a floating, corner shelf, without the green wooden crate, and the tea towels are now pinned to the wall in a graduated display, rather than draped over the driftwood. I have however kept the driftwood in, as I felt that it just ‘made’ the overall display. I also have a personal connection to it so am happy that it is being used. I almost forgot about my felt ball garland but remembered at the end of today and strung it up between the driftwood branch and one of the mounted samples.
All the display needs is my post cards going up on the wall, which will be done tomorrow morning.

Below is the revised, final version of my self set brief:

final brief

I have also written my artist statement for this project, which will be displayed in my space, in the catalogue and also included in my press packs. It reads as follows:

“This collection aims to bring the British coast to the homes of city dwellers, inspiring nostalgia and reminiscence by combating a longing for the fresh, seaside air.
Taking inspiration from the rock pools covering the beaches along the south coast of England and Wales, these pieces focus on the textures and wildlife found along the shores.
Through felting, machine stitch and hand embroidery, combined with a mixture of new and reused fabrics, these products are intended for sale in coastal locations including tourist information, eateries and gift shops.
May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes.”


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